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PLEASE NOTE: If you have not ordered your parent taught program guide from the state, do so immediately at:

Click HERE:

The DE-964 Certificate will be directly downloaded to your web browser. Most browsers have the ability to open, display, and print a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. If yours lacks that ability, it is recommended you install Adobe Acrobat Reader to enable your system and web browser to handle this properly.

Your Driver Education (DE-964) Certificate will be linked and downloadable in your student's work center upon login. This certificate contains a unique control number that has been assigned specifically to your student. We advise that you secure the certificate until ready to use. When ready, print the DE-964, cut it in half along the dotted line, and complete as directed:

For Learner License Only. Use the bottom half of the certificate after your student has completed six hours of classroom instruction in Module 1:

  1. Check the box indicating your method of instruction:concurrent or block;
  2. Sign as the DPS PT Instructor;
  3. Enter your driver's license number; and
  4. Enter the Date Issued.

For Driver License Only. Use the top half of the certificate after your student has completed the entire course:

  1. Enter your student's permit number, classroom completion date, and laboratory (in-car) completion date;
  2. Sign as the DPS PT Instructor;
  3. Enter your driver's license number;
  4. Enter the Date Issued; and
  5. Complete the bottom of the certificate verifying the 30 additional hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.
  6. Watch the DPS Video and print certificate at:
  7. Schedule your driving test at your local DPS or alternative testing site. If you live in Houston, you may contact Cypress Driving School at 832-593-9170 to schedule your driving test.

Before going to DPS to apply for any license, please visit for additional requirements. As of November 2017, these additional requirements include an original birth certificate, original social security card, verification of enrollment from the high school and documents that prove residency. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK WITH DPS to ensure these are the only required documents.

If you need classroom logs, driving logs or instructional guide, click here to view the FAQ that lists both as well as the official State of Texas Official Document Page that lists all forms:

After your student has successfully completed the driver education course, you may provide a copy of the top half of the certificate to your vehicle insurance carrier for a possible discount. Contact your carrier to see if your student qualifies.


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