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There will be a DOCUMENT (and video) in Module Zero of your WorkCenter to show you what is REQUIRED before going to the TX DPS.

We want YOU to avoid embarrassment and/or unnecessary trips.

We offer the DPS road test. Please call 281-345-4177 for more information.

We can test you today. for more information.

We can test you today.

General assistance is available by calling the office helpline at 281-345-4177 and/or by sending email to are both available.

Coursework Completion ...
You have 10 months from your original date of enrollment (purchase) to complete your coursework to obtain a DE964 to obtain your State of Texas Drivers License.
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Transfers - Does / Can ____ Transfer to ____ ?
My teenage son has been driving for quite some time. Can that time count towards the behind-the-wheel time requirements of this course?
No behind-the-wheel instruction or practice may be permitted until the student has been issued a learner license. Driving without a valid license on a public street or highway is a violation of state law. Any behind the wheel instruction prior to issuance of the learner license will not be accepted toward the required instruction or practice time.

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